Game Shares - Legend of Kaan

Pot-Increment: 0,10% per bets
Shares in total: 0 / 50.000
Shares on marketplace: 0
Dividend payments: 2
Average dividend: 0 per share
Highest dividend: 0 per share
Shares Marketplace
You can trade with your shares. You will find offers you can buy directly. On the other hand you can add an offer to the market by your own. Remember, there is an trading fee of 10,00% and shares in the marketplace won't count for dividend payments.
There are currently no items on the market.
Offering shares for per share
Dividend payments There wasn't an dividend payment at this time.
Date Dividend Dividend per share Shares
2022-04-08 50 0 0
2022-03-30 200 0 0

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