FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does the registration cost anything? What do I have to pay attention to?

The registration is 100% free of charge. There are no monthly costs or the like. Not allowed are usernames that have insulting, sexist or racist elements. To use the deposit/withdrawal system you must have entered your Cuneros ID under "Settings". When registering, truthful information must be provided, in case of proven fraudulent attempt, the account will be deleted without any claim to existing credit.

Are 2 accounts of the same IP address allowed to be registered?

It is not allowed that 2 accounts are registered over the same IP address. If 2 or more accounts are registered via the same IP, all accounts will be blocked immediately. Exceptions to this rule must be requested in advance from support.

Can I look for an advertiser or change my advertiser after registration?

Yes! After successful registration it is possible for every user to look for an advertiser, if he does not have one yet. To register please send the user ID of your advertiser to the support. If you want to change your advertiser, the previous advertiser must agree and "release" the user (Ref).

Can I change my username and e-mail address?

You can change your email address and username under "Profile".

Can I play in more than one window?

You are allowed to play in more than one window, but if it is the same slot, then only on different bets.

What are rallies?

Rallies either have a fixed end (by time) or end when a certain number of active points is reached. In dynamic rallies the number of paid slots can change during the rally, we try to adjust them regularly - you can find more information about such dynamic rallies in the news.

What are Active Points (AP)?

For every 100 credits you spend you get one active point. In most rallies you have to reach a minimum number of AP.

What are bonus credits (BC)?

Bonus credits can be used to play games or you can send them to your refs (for example to reward activity). There are bonus credits for different activities, so rallies, rank bonuses, and pensions are paid out in bonus credits.


AP = Active points

APs = Daily active points

APz = Total active points

RP = Rally points

BC = Bonus Credits

TSP = Loyalty Shop Points

Transaction list

In the transaction list you can find all your account transactions. To make it easier to find them, we have divided them into groups. You can find your transaction list when you click directly on Account.

Bonus exchange and safe

In the bonus exchange you can exchange your normal credits for bonus credits and receive a small bonus. The safe is used to secure your credits.

Gambling Rank

In the gambling rank, all APs collected in games are counted. When you reach a higher rank, you will receive a small bonus.

Loyalty Shop

In the Loyalty Shop you can exchange your Loyalty Shop Points (TSP) for bonus credits, bonus vouchers or free spins.

What are Global Jackpots?

All slots count towards the global jackpots, which means that they can be won on all slots. We have 3 global jackpots, the low jackpot can be won up to 10 K credits bet, the middle jackpot from 15 K to 75 K credits bet and the grand jackpot from 100 K bet.

Our slot fees:

3 ref levels: 0.6%, 0.3%, 0.1%

Side shares: 0,1%

Loyalty store points: 0.2%

APs conversion to bonus credits: 0.1%

Active pension: 0.2%

Actions: 1%

Operator fee: 0,5%

Global jackpot: 0.9% (3x 0.2 and 3x 0.1% starting jackpots)

Fees total 4%, may vary for promotions and rallies.

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